The Craft Agency, Inc.

About The Craft Agency Inc.

In 1923, two brothers, Merrill and Rafe Craft, founded The Craft Agency Inc.. Dedicated to accommodating individuals, families and businesses with quality insurance options that provide security and peace of mind, The Craft Agency Inc. quickly established itself as one of the premier independent insurance agencies in Michigan.

The years passed, but The Craft Agency's family-owned tradition and unwavering commitment to excellence never faltered. As the nation shifted from cities to suburbs and from assembly lines to cubicles, The Craft Agency Inc. continued to add new services and specialty programs to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and businesses across the country.

Today, The Craft Agency Inc. is still led by members of the Craft family:

  • Robert M. Craft - President
  • Richard M. Craft - Executive Vice President
  • David W. Craft - Executive Vice President

With over 40 employees include 30 licensed agents, as well as two on-staff attorneys and a business consultant, The Craft Agency Inc. is well-suited to help both families and organizations get the financial protection and the peace of mind they desire, well into the 21st century.