Car Shopping Tips

Car Shopping Tips

| November 30, 2022

    Did you know that The Craft Agency can help you when purchasing your new or used car?

 That's right! We have three car shopping tips to keep in mind so you aren’t surprised when you take your new vehicle off the lot!

Our Top 3 Car Shopping Tips:

  1. Do your research – Consumer Reports (www.consumerreports.org) does a great job rating both new and used vehicles for such things as safety, dependability, resale value and much more.  Consumer Reports mission is an “independent, nonprofit member organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace.”  You can rest assured that they will give you an honest breakdown of each vehicle before you buy it, so you don’t have to worry about that vehicle being a lemon.  Also, if you are a member of the local library, you can access the Consumer Report website for free, just login and get to work…or just stop in the library and pickup their magazine.
  2. Call us to price your insurance cost – Insurance rates can vary widely between different makes and models.  Give us a call with the VIN of a vehicle or vehicles you are looking to purchase, and we can give you the insurance rates before you drive off the lot.  Isn’t it good to see the “whole picture” before making such a large purchase?
  3. Get a “junker” for junior – Yep, that is right…you will save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums if you can talk your child into getting a vehicle that doesn’t require collision or even comprehensive coverage.  With new drivers, it isn’t “if” an accident will happen…it is more like “when” it will happen.  Because of this, rates are very high for young drivers with vehicles that require full coverage.  If you are ok walking away from a few thousand-dollar car if it is in an accident, keep the collision and/or comprehensive coverage off.  Even though they will not “turn heads” when driving their “junker” through the school parking lot, your pocketbook will thank you.  Make sure any vehicle you buy junior is safe. Remember to "Do your research."


Buying a vehicle can be stressful but these three tips should help to put your mind at ease.


Please contact The Craft Agency at 517-787-0077 if you'd like to discuss any of these helpful hints or get an estimate on your auto insurance policy before you buy a car. 

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