Checking The Weather - Turns Out You May Need An Umbrella

Checking The Weather - Turns Out You May Need An Umbrella

| October 23, 2023

How to Save Money on Insurance and C.Y.R (Cover Your Rear)

It's time to check the weather, but first... 

Q: What is an Umbrella, Do I need One❓

📰 Have you heard the news; lawsuits are on the rise? 

  • Umbrella insurance acts just like an umbrella, but instead of protecting your body from rain, it protects your assets and possible earnings from lawsuits.
  • We, know, we know. It isn’t new news that lawsuits are continually on the rise but it is something to be thinking of!

🤔How would you pay for the following scenario?

  • You are enjoying a Sunday drive and look down to find your coffee to take a drink, you miss seeing a stop sign and hit a vehicle with four individuals in it.
  • These four individuals must be taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries but thankfully survive the horrific crash. 
  • A few months later you receive a letter in the mail from a local law firm representing the four individuals you injured asking that you pay $1,500,000 in injuries you caused. 
  • Your auto policy will pay only the first $500,000 from the lawsuit.
  • How will you cover the remaining $1,000,000?  


💰Sometimes lawsuits stretch into the millions or multi-million-dollar range. Standard home or auto insurance liability protection just isn’t enough, that is why you need an umbrella policy.  


What about saving money on insurance?

An umbrella policy WILL SAVE YOU MONEY on your home and auto insurance policies. 

The umbrella policy costs around $125-$250 for $1,000,000 in coverage and will be offset by an extra discount that will be added to your home and auto insurance policies.  So yes, you can cover your rear and save money doing it. 

Please note: We can write umbrella policies at even higher limits than $1,000,000 if you need added protection - and the best part is - it's not a lot more more in premium for higher limits.

So what now, should I get an umbrella policy?

It won't hurt to get a free quote and complimentary advice by calling or writing us a note.  What are you waiting for?

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