Christmas Military Boxes

Christmas Military Boxes

| December 18, 2019

It started off as a surplus of candy from Halloween and likely some subconscious thoughts about Veterans Day being right around the corner.  An email was sent around the office with a small idea.  “Anyone know what to do with it [the surplus of candy]?  Diane, I was wondering if we could ship to your son in the Military?”


Ideas were being tossed around in emails about who and where we could possible ship some candy to.  Soon thereafter more ideas were shared - adding more gifts that would be appreciated by our military connections and their comrades. We wanted to add thoughtful items that would be beneficial, enjoyable and sentimental - reminding them of home. 

The small idea to bless someone with some treats started to grow as did the hearts of employees of The Craft Agency for this project.  They naturally found themselves in line with one of our core values - to be charitable.  With the growing demands of this project, we needed someone to head it all up.

Several volunteered to help but ultimately, Diane Edwards took the reins and organized getting the boxes, collecting items, gathering handwritten cards and getting the boxes packed and shipped.

A warning came from one of the experienced military moms in a reply to the email chain “…small bags of popcorn may explode” The way they made it sound, I believe they were speaking from experience.  Oops! Needless to say, we stayed away from popcorn! Just at The Craft Agency alone we have 6 employees with sons, brothers, or a niece in the military services. From Army to Navy, to Air Force, and the Marines!


Magazines were collected, toiletry items were purchased, and many other items were collected (along with the candy) and joined the growing stock pile of gifts.

The Jackson post office was excited to help as well. We want to give a shout out to our postman Brian, who we tied up for the next hour as he processed all 28 boxes!  With a smile on his face, he expressed his gratitude for "doing a really good thing." We also learned that Brian served in the military and we want to express our gratitude for him and our other service men and women who have chosen to "do a really good thing."  We're excited that these boxes were shipped to Germany, Japan, and Afghanistan to just a few of the many deserving service men and woman.


Thank you to everyone who donated, wrote cards, gave money for the purchase of items and to the Crafts for paying for the postage.

Thank you to ALL of our service men and woman who have served or who are currently serving our country!

Isn't this truly "the most wonderful time of the year"?