Debbie Shelley Retirement Announcement - Celebrating 44 Years

Debbie Shelley Retirement Announcement - Celebrating 44 Years

| March 25, 2023

After 44 years of service, Operations & Finance Manager, Debbie Shelley is set to retire on March 31st, 2023.

Throughout the years, Debbie has been one of the most diligent, assertive, determined workers to ever step foot in The Craft Agency, Inc. She has made many wonderful friends through the family business, most of which have been lifelong friendships. We were honored to throw Debbie a surprise retirement party, with all her retired colleagues and family members to celebrate alongside us.

During the party, Debbie recalled her initial interview for the Operations & Finance Manager position, many years ago. In the winter of 1979, Debbie was an ambitious 22-year-old, straight from the big city of Detroit. She walked into The Craft Agency, Inc’s home office on W Michigan Ave, all dressed to the nines. She sat down with Jim Craft, and he knew before her interview that he wanted to hire her.

Debbie’s next adventure is to travel the country with her sister, Tina, in their new truck and their 32-foot travel trailer. Their first stop on the road being California, and soon after retirement, a family trip to Italy.

Though she will be retired, she plans to lend a helping hand to some of our 100th anniversary events in the coming months. Debbie will always remain a great part of the Craft Family. Though she’ll be miles away, we know she’s only just a phone call away.

David Craft said it best:

"We have always prided ourselves on being a family business.  Yes, Dad, Bob, Rick and I are family….but what truly made this place a family-centered business for the last 44+ years was Debbie Shelley.  She made everyone part of our family and made sure we knew it, in good times and bad.  NO ONE has worked harder or more tirelessly, or laughed louder than Debbie.  She poured her heart and soul into always “doing the right thing”, and made us all better for it.  We wouldn’t be where we are without you Debbie.  WE APPRECIATE IT!!

Debbie, you are going to be missed but I know that you have left us in very capable hands.  Its time to hit the road and enjoy some cocktails and sleep in once in a while.  Thank you for everything you have done, and the passion with which you did it.  HAPPY RETIREMENT!!!  YOU DESERVE IT!!"

From all of us at The Craft Agency, happy retirement, Debbie! We are extremely thankful for your years of hard work and dedication at The Craft Agency, Inc. We will miss hearing your delightful laughs throughout the office. We look forward to watching you on your next adventure! Enjoy every minute of your retirement!