Gifts for Kids - Angel Tree Project 2019

Gifts for Kids - Angel Tree Project 2019

| November 19, 2019


THANK YOU to everyone who participated this year in the Angel Tree Project, it was a great success!

These gifts will go to good homes and hopefully bring a bit more holiday cheer. Thanks again!


Our employees have big hearts and throughout the year we participate in various fundraisers, donations, and community events behind the scenes.  It’s part of who we are so much so, that we’ve written into our Mission and Vision statement, the type of people who make a great fit for our team here: https://www.craftagency.com/about

We get especially excited around the holiday season.  This year is no different. We have partnered with Angel Tree Christmas Project which seeks to provide Christmas gifts for kids in our local community who otherwise, may not have the chance for Christmas gifts this year.  All gifts need to be ready to go by December 4th, 2019, so we need to move quick.  We have a few children left who could use your help.  We are reaching out to our customers and asking that you'd consider coming alongside us in bringing some extra Christmas cheer this year to the Jackson community.

We think the simplest way for you to be involved is by emailing us or calling at:



From there, we can share with you the details of one of the remaining children so you know what kind of gift to purchase. You'll then go out and shop for 2-3 gifts with a total value of $50.  Then, bring the gifts back to us just as soon as you can. We will wrap the gifts and get them turned in.  

Just bring in the gifts that total close to the $50 dollar value and we will take care of the rest. 

Thank you for your consideration to give gifts to a child in Jackson this Christmas!

* Also, please note that we have a Toys for Tots drop box in our lobby as well if that is a better option for you.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!

From all of us at The Craft Agency, Inc.