| February 26, 2020

A classic rags to riches story.

Today we celebrated the 1 year "birthday" and anniversary of when we adopted Olaf Vincent Craft.  

As Karen Cyrocki, CL Manager put it in an email prior to the party,

"Olaf - went from being left for dead…eating snow, bugs, grass, mice – whatever he could to survive…lost his ears to frigid weather and look at him today…he eats Fancy Feast, has a bank account, more toys than he knows what to do with, regular doctor check-ups, including manicures on a regular basis, people that love him, who sign up to take care of his needs (weekends and holidays – Caleb was in here on Christmas Day to make sure Olaf was able to get out of his room for a while)...and now a special luncheon for his adoption day birthday - talk about one very lucky, very loved, cat. 

I think it is AWESOME that Craft is sponsoring a special celebration for his one year anniversary with us - thanks Bob and David!!!"

Here's a photo slideshow from today!

Olaf is not only dearly cared for by our employees, many customers and employee family members love playing with Olaf.

Caleb Allen, PL Manager says this of Olaf,

"We love having Olaf as a part of the Craft Family!

I especially enjoy the mornings when I come into the office and right when I walk in the doors, he is right there on top of the cube walls waiting to be pet and saying “good morning” to the team.  It really does put a smile on your face to see him waiting there for us as we walk in!"

We wanted to share some of our joy of Olaf with you so here's some pictures that will warm your heart, make you laugh, and join us in celebrating the impact Olaf has had in our lives! Next time you stop in, make sure to thank Olaf for his contribution to our families and community.