Olaf's 4th Birthday!

Olaf's 4th Birthday!

| February 25, 2023

A cold, winter story that will warm your heart:

The Story of Olaf V. Craft

It all started on a snowy morning 4 years ago. The polar vortex had reached the state of Michigan, giving the city of Jackson some of its coldest days in years, if not decades. On a brisk February morning in 2019, the wind-chill was high and the temperatures were low. The Craft Agency, Inc. began their average winter workweek with a bitter 3 degrees outside. 

As Craft employees made their way to the breakroom for their morning coffee, they were met by a scrawny, white figure staring at them through the back door. It was a cat, standing on the cold, damp cement ground. The Craft employees took pity on the poor cat, opening the back door and giving him water. After a refreshing drink, the cat returned to the outdoors. Day by day, there were more sightings of the cat outside of the building. On February 25th, 2019, after the polar vortex had hit the town of Jackson, the cat returned to the back door, his ears folded down on his head. The Craft employees once again opened the door for him and gave him food and water. For the first time, he allowed them to pet him and touch his frozen ears. He went back out into the cold, tucking himself next to the heating units to stay warm. The following day, February 26, the cat showed up once more. His ears had fallen off, leaving nothing but bloody, scabbed edges. That morning, the employees decided they could not leave him in the cold any longer and brought the cat inside their breakroom permanently, spreading blankets on the tiled floor for him to regain his warmth. 

The cat was later taken to a nearby veterinarian to be checked up. The vet determined the cat was a full-grown male, neutered, and domesticated, possibly lost, or abandoned by his previous owners. His ears had been badly frostbitten, thanks to the record-breaking cold temperatures. Nobody could commit to taking the kitty home, so Bob & David decided to keep him as an office cat. The kitty thought that was an excellent idea and promptly made himself at home.

Word spread and deliberation amongst the employees arose, debating on what they were going to name him. Some voted the classic name “Snowball,” since the white furball was found in the wintry snow. Others voted “Vincent,” inspired by how Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear. In the end, they decided on the name “Olaf,” after the loveable snowman from the movie Frozen who likes warm hugs. Lauren Craft, daughter of David Craft, said that the cat reminded her of a line from the movie “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.”

On another note, Diane Edwards, Senior Personal Lines Account Manager, recalls being on vacation the week Olaf was taken in, and returning home to a flood of confusing emails regarding the name of a new furry member at The Craft Agency, Inc. She states, “I am not a cat person, but he is one very special kitty.”

Olaf was given his own room, lots of blankets, cat beds, toys, food, and all the other basic cat necessities. The Craft Agency, Inc. created a fund in his name and gave him his own savings account. He was also declared Ambassador of The Craft Agency, Inc. For four years, Olaf has stayed inside, living his best life as a spoiled office cat. Not only did he gain some happy weight, but he also gained lots of wonderful local friends, online followers, and a large, loving family.

Every winter, we are reminded of how this humble cat came into our office and brightened our lives. We always feel a great sense of love from our sweet Olaf; we believe he thanks us each day for saving him from the cold. Dawn Fisher, Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager, adds her favorite quote, “Saving one cat may not change the world, but for that one cat…the world will change forever.”

David Craft, President of The Craft Agency, Inc., recalls in the movie Frozen, Olaf the snowman says, “I’ll take a warm hug from everyone for my birthday!” David says “Our Olaf would say, “I’ll take a warm hug from everyone at The Craft Agency, Inc. for my birthday, except David Craft! 😂””

All jokes aside, we all love our little kitty very much and are forever grateful that our customers love and accept him just as much as we do. Happy 4th Birthday, Olaf, our loveable Crafty Cat! – From your forever family at The Craft Agency, Inc.

Company / Customer Birthday Wishes

Happy, Happy Birthday Olaf!! 🥳

What a mutual blessing that frigid day he found his way to The Craft Agency!! Olaf has had such a great, positive impact on the entire agency & it IS a team effort & Olaf is a great leader!! I've always enjoyed visiting The Craft Agency over the years, but Olaf has made it even more enjoyable & special!! He's always my favorite student in my CE classes I teach at the agency, too. I think he just comes for the snacks, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And to nap...😂 Happy Birthday sweet Olaf!! 

Jennifer Fahrenkrug, AINS

Acuity Sales Territory Director – MI

“Well Happy Birthday Olaf!!!

What I can say about this sweet boy is that he truly has made a positive impact on the agency.  It is so fun to hear/see all the attention he gets and continues to get on a daily basis. Definitely a team effort by the agency.  Just his daily presence seems to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Cheers to Olaf!”

Patty Adams - Acuity

Senior Commercial Underwriter

“Happy Birthday Olaf! You are a fantastic ambassador for the agency.”

Stephanie Jackson, CPCU, ARM, AU, AINS

Account Executive

“I regularly visit the Craft agency and I always look forward to Olaf sauntering up to the front reception area to check out whoever stopped by for a visit.  He’s so cool about the way he just happens to wander up and look around.  He definitely “owns” the place and he’s the best ambassador ever! “

Dawn Feldman, CIC, CAWC, AIM
Sr. Business Development Specialist

Accident Fund

“Olaf is the sweetest cat I have ever known!  He brightens my day when I come for a visit!"

Karen Tabor, CPCU, AIS, AU

Senior Marketing Rep | Auto-Owners Insurance

“Happy Birthday, Olaf! I love seeing all your pictures on Facebook!” 

-Sandra Craft aka Grandma Craft


“Love you Olaf and happy birthday handsome guy 

Randy B. – Facebook fan


“So adorable!he is a very special cat this month Happy Birthday Olaf 

Karolyn B. – Facebook fan


“Happy Birthday sweet Olaf!! 

Mary P. – Facebook fan